September 8, 2005

The book on the left was 56 cents, the rest were 75 cents. (It's hard to see, but the book on the left is a listing of best books for children.)

One of the Goodwills was having 25% off all books. The Bloom County books (which the checkout woman decided were children's books) and the Sarah Dessen book (the 2 books that the movie was made from) were 37 cents each. (The Billy and the Boingers book includes the flexidisc in perfect condition). The Far Side book (again, children's book) was a quarter. The Erich Segal book was 56 cents. (the Best Books for Children book in the above picture was part of that store's haul too.)

My find of the day. If it's not cool enough that this perfect condition hardback (and relic from my childhood) was a mere dollar...

...this was on the inside!

The Artist's Way - 75 cents. Everything else - $1.

$1 each

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