Updated 2/7/05

Who is Marla Tiara?
By day, she is a mild mannered (ha, right) 31-year-old writer and editor named Marla.
By night, and sometimes even in the afternoon, she transforms into Marla Tiara, bearer of the pink sparkly tiara, which she begs celebrities to wear. She lives with her fabulous famous husband, who has been allowed to wear the tiara on occasion.

Why do you do this?
I want to make people stop taking themselves so seriously. I want to make a statement about celebrity.
Nah, none of that is true. I bought the tiara at Claire's Boutique for me to wear to a Saint Etienne show. It's all Sarah Cracknell's fault that there's more to it than an accessory.

Why haven't you updated your site?
I did! It just sort of took...uh...two years.

Can I wear your tiara?
Probably not.

Well who do you let wear it then?
I don't go out seeking famous folk to wear the tiara. Instead, if I happen to be going to a reading/signing/concert/appearance by someone that I admire, I'll bring along the tiara and my camera. (That's why the choices are so random - they're people I like. I have no further agenda.) I always ask nicely, and as you can see with Douglas Coupland, I don't force anyone to wear it. I'm not a stalker. I'm not obsessive. I'm just trying to have fun.

Who else would you like to have wear it?
There are many, many people out there that are famous in my eyes, or that have inspired me greatly. My dream list changes constantly.

Will you get [insert celebrity's name here] to wear it? I think [he/she] is awesome!
I don't take requests, mostly because the tiara-wearings are usually random and unexpected.

I think your idea is stupid. Do you want to know why?
Not particularly. :)

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