I got BT to wear my tiara at a signing in Cambridge on July 26, 2000.

I swear he is wearing the tiara - it's just buried in Mr. BT Mr BT's abundant hair. Look closely and you can see it peeking out.
For a great introduction to BT's music, check out "10 Years in the Life." You won't be sorry.

An absurdist play in one act. (I wrote this because I felt very silly after meeting BT.)
Me: SoIhavethiswebpageandblah blah blah
BT: *laughing*
Me: Tori wore it! Tori wore it! (I said this, in case you don't know, because BT and Tori Amos have collaborated and because I couldn't think of anything to say.)
BT: Yeah, but she's a girl. I'm a guy! I bet I'm the first guy to wear it!
Me: ramble ramble. Thanks for putting up with me.
BT: Yeah, nice to meet you.
Was he laughing at me or with me? That is the question.